Achieve Compliance.

HelioPDR is a compliance data analytics tool that uses integrated data to identify and address compliance risk through Plan, Detect, and Respond.

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What is HelioPDR?

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Create customized, automated compliance monitoring, based on your company’s business activities.

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Analyze data, assess risk, and easily review findings through a simple, configurable workflow.

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Track and dashboard program activities and trends to determine appropriate action and address risk.

Why Compliance Professionals Love HelioPDR.

Designed by Compliance professionals for Compliance professionals, we’ve been providing award-winning compliance services to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech industries since 2015.

Meet the Team

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Resolve Issues Collaboratively.

HelioPDR allows for closed-loop monitoring and supports multiple parties’ involvement in determining preventive and corrective actions to address potential issues.

Issue Ticketing & Workflow.

Tickets are progressed through an automated workflow, based on how your organization chooses to review and resolve such issues.

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HelioPDR Customizable Dashboards screen

Configurable Dashboards.

Whether to a Business Partner, Sales Leader, Compliance Committee or your Board of Directors, HelioPDR allows you to share relevant information in a digestible, easily understood format.

Why do you need HelioPDR?

With Converging Forces on all sides of the life sciences industry, we can help you evolve your company’s compliance monitoring program from manual reviews to automated reviews while being able to readily pinpoint problems and analyze trends.

  • Increase your monitoring scope and scale without having to increase headcount.
  • Perform automated monitoring of large swaths of disparate data based on your business rules and systems.
  • Easily review and resolve issues, garner insights, and visualize findings and trends, all in one place.
  • Share your monitoring results with leadership via effective visualizations.
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How does HelioPDR work?

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Local Data

Local client data is identified and imported into HelioPDR’s Secure Cloud for processing.

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HelioPDR Secure Cloud

Client data is normalized and used for processing and reporting.

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User Experience

HelioPDR’s customizable dashboard allows you to share relevant information in a digestible, easily understood way.