Case Study

Increase the Productivity of Email Monitoring

HelioPDR’s Free Text Module conducts email monitoring 10 times faster.

The Challenge

Struggling to use native technology tools to conduct routine email monitoring, a growing Biopharmaceutical Company wanted to more efficiently conduct email reviews to measure the effectiveness of its controls, policies, and procedures.

Closeup of hand typing on laptop keys HelioPDR app


Through a mix of keyword searches, random sampling, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, HelioPDR quickly scanned more than 100,000 emails, flagging 1,500 as potentially problematic.

The Company leveraged HelioPDR’s unique workflow to escalate issues of potential non-compliance within the organization.

The Company’s compliance team saw increased efficiency and productivity, processing and reviewing emails 10 times faster.

Additionally, HelioPDR’s unique NLP models allowed for additional insights into potential issues which traditional keyword searches would not have uncovered.